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Thread: The Failing State of SD

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    The Failing State of SD

    Let me get this straight, my avatar is a problem apparently but the site owner's avatar sticking his dogs nose up a ladies skirt is acceptable. I think that says it all about this failing site with a 2.8k active membership and falling, not worth advertising here in any case.

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    Thing is ...when you own the car you drive it to where YOU want.
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    If you don't like the rules, why stay????
    youre advertising your website and business, trade membership is all they ask.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Really Paul? Why should you continue to advertise your business without paying the fee when others pay? It's really that simple and if you can't see that you're doing anything wrong it's a poor show! You certainly aren't going to get any sympathy from the members of this site!
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    why pay any more than the over 500 of trade membership I already had to just get trolled with no protection, interestingly on Deer Stalking UK this same post has had 40 comments in 40 minutes since it has over an 8k active membership. Where's the smart place to be.

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    how can I advertise if I hardly post, look at my posting history and look at the frequency of posting, never here and only look in now and again to see if there's any interesting threads.

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    You're still advertising for free though. Does your business run on fresh air?

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    It's only fair, to other trade members on here that pay trade fee's. You are promoting your business with your avatar and the link to your website.
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    So you volunteered to stop being a trade member because you had some people complaining. You complain about paying to be a trade member which amounted to 500 so that's nearly 5 years. During which time you have made full use of the site and no doubt gained business. Your fee was 10 per month.

    Your posts complaining about this site on other social media is something you have chosen to undertake and now are slating the SD site because you have been asked not to advertise without paying 10 per month. FB sites are free, they cost nothing to maintain except some time.

    The choice was yours, no one else's, and many if not all of the people on this site have gained a lot from being a member, good friends, and a lot of money raised for charity and still being raised, even members giving away free stalking, and 9 people this year having their Level 1 paid for by the site bursary scheme.

    We think this site speaks for itself, and your post on other sites are an insult to the membership of this site, some of whom know you quite well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johngryphon View Post
    Thing is ...when you own the car you drive it to where YOU want.
    You have chosen the worst analogy ever but as you drew the comparision please allow me to retort.

    If this forum were any type of transport it would be more like a ship, as you can't get thousands of people in a car.

    Also if you want people to get on board your ship, then you go where they want otherwise you'll end up with the Mary Celeste, or worse, the Titanic.

    You're the kind of person that rubs others up the wrong way as it appears it's your way or the highway. How inclusive.

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