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Thread: Deer in the South beware...

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    Deer in the South beware...

    Hello All,

    After many years of spending most of my time fly fishing I have recently decided to re ignite my passion for shooting. I started a couple of years ago with a Weihrauch HW100 air rifle, shooting rabbits and pigeons and also joined a couple of ranges shooting .22. Went on my first stalk last winter and had a fallow doe in the New Forest and apart from the gralloch I did all the butchering.

    Last week I passed DSC1 and the firearms application is with Sussex Police as I am typing. I hope I get my ticket soon cause I can’t wait to get a “proper” rifle! Been reading all the reviews and it will be between a Mannlicher, T3 or Sako 85 in .243.

    Look forward to chatting to all you experienced stalkers for snippets of wisdom and if anyone is willing to take a novice out (I am in West Sussex) please give me a shout.


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    welcome in, cant wait to hear why you choose/narrowed it down to them.
    try and get some hands on each model.



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    Thanks Frank,

    To be honest it is the reviews that seem to suggest that these 3 are at the "top" of the medium price range rifles. I like to get the best that I can afford (which at the moment it is about £1K) look after it and enjoy it for a long time. I am sure CZ or Remington are fine rifles and will do exactly the same job as a SAKO 85, but I would rather spend 2-3 hundred pounds more and get something with more attention to detail.

    I would extremely keen to find out what other think.


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    hi mate,

    i got the weatherby .243 stainless and its a jolly good rifle as they say.
    i would suggest you see a few and hold em if you can before you buy.
    i did follow all the advice and write ups but once i seen her and tried it, it was murder ha ha...
    got gun mod and 2-12 meopta for £1400 or there abouts. as they say mate each to there own.


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    Hi Peri and welcome aboard. Lot's of info here as well as some great opportunities. I see you have already asked Malc about a stalk, hope it works out for you. This is a great place to make contacts such as that. I'm with you on rifle choice. Could have saved a load of bunce and brought a left handed RWS Ruag, but loved the feel of the Sauer. I'm clearly destined to remain a worker all the time I have these expensive tastes. I do love to carry it though, not sure I could say that about the RWS. Enjoy the choosing process, it's part of the fun.


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    Welcome & hello Peri, You would do yourself a big favour if you put your choice of scope over & above the choice of rifle, it will make a lifetime of difference!, a fine piece of glass will make a medium priced rifle just that much better!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I wouldnt say the SAKO 85 is in the medium price range but out of your choice i would certainly pick it. Welcome aboard mate

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    Hi Peri where abouts in Wsx are you , Give me a call tomorrow and I may be able to get you out .
    Phone number by PM .

    Atb Brough.

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    Hi Peri,
    I had the chance to handle the new Browning X bolt in .308 this week and it is a fine looking quite light and nicely made rifle with some good design touches and is not so expensive, perhaps it would be better to spend the funds on a high quality scope.

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