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Thread: RS 62 Load .243

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    RS 62 Load .243

    Hi All,
    New to handloading , but I thought I'd post my load data. Due to a lack of data had to wing it a little.
    But here's my findings so far .
    243 win , 87grain Vmax , once fired Hornady brass , CCI 200 Primers .
    Rifle - Howa sporter
    Initial testing showed pressure signs at 44.4 grains (shiny ring around base)
    Settled on 44.2 grains with an O.A.L of 2.70".
    Using Strelok + (no chronograph ),gives a velocity of 3097 fps.
    I am planning a little more development when time allows but accuracy is pretty good.

    What's safe in my rifle may not be in yours .
    Stay safe.

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    I'm not sure reading your report that you are staying safe.

    I recommend that you pick a powder that is recommended for 243 Win.



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    I think the problem is that there is very limited load data for RS powders. If RS62 is recommended for the .270 then it will work perfectly for the .243.

    Here's some of their customer load data:
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    Hi, Thanks for the concern , there's data for 85 grain ,I used that as the starting point and loaded in inc
    rements of 0.2 and progressed with caution. As I said the 1st sign of pressure was a slight ring on the base.
    I have no mentor so I'm cautious to say the least.
    Their burn chart lists it on par with imr4350 and although there's little on line, I did get hold of there Load Data manual.
    I'm happy with the results so far and RS62 is listed as
    suitable .
    I'm not one to always follow others ,but I take safety seriously.
    Please don't think I'm flippant. I did 3 months of reading up on hand loading before I took this on and without data somebody has to give it a go .So why not me ?
    Really enjoying handloading though.
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