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Thread: Fly rods various assortment

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    Fly rods various assortment

    Shakespear Oberon (new) 2.55m #6 2pc 20.00 SOLD
    Attachment 73934
    Mike Marshal Grand Prix 7 1/2' 2pc Brook rod and Full length Tube 70. SOLD
    Attachment 73935

    Mike Marshal Grand Prix 9' 5xd 4pc Rod and Snowbee tube. 80.00 DOWN TO 70
    Tip needs renewing if you want it perfect, as I replaced about 1" that broke off on a trip the other year, no effect to rod.
    Attachment 73936

    Salter Leather Tube and a hand made 9' No4 4 Pc Trout Rod 90 plus postage
    Attachment 73933Attachment 73937Attachment 73938Attachment 73939

    This Rod:- the spec of the blank is an original FE Chase gloss finish. Fuji Reel seat and Pacific Rings.
    A "Salter and Grandson" Leather case, 76cm x 55mm in first class condition which are close to 90 new on its own, and a rod cover, and this is a far better quality leather as its the much older original model. For reference

    Postage all at cost.
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