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Thread: 243 rebarrel

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    243 rebarrel

    Does anyone know of a gunsmith to rebarrel a sako 75 243 around kendal/lakes area ,its for a mate that lives up there ,i allready know of redmist i,m waiting for his number,thanks in advance ,pm,s pleaseps is he still on here i,ve tried to pm him twice but its not coming up as sent,?
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    Not in your area but jager is in Essex and very good or brock and norris are good

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    Cheers i will let him know all answers,,doug

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    cheers takbok/RORY atb doug,
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    James Clark of Jager SA, built my 300 wing mag Sako, perfect and accurate as Hell. Top work, good value and good to deal with despite all the rubbish he gets.

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    thanks all replys passed on,

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    Bit more of a ride but Steve Kershaw at Howden is excellent, incredibly helpful with a quick turnround unlike some I've used in the past.
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    Thanks for all replys he,s sorted now,hes gone with alan, rory,atb doug,

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