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Thread: Saving money on Nitesite?

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    Saving money on Nitesite?

    I have been thinking about getting some night vision but I am on a budget. I would be using it across multiply types of shooting situations, from rats at 10 yards to long range foxes. I thought the Nitesite would be best suited for this.

    However, I was wondering if it would be possible to get extended ranges from the lower end modules like the viper by using an additional high quality IR illuminator ?
    From what I can tell the main difference between the viper, wolf, and eagle is the illuminator and the camera doesn't change?

    Anyone have any adivce/ reasons that would support or disprove this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Basically, yes.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    If you're on a budget then don't buy any of the NiteSite products - in fact, don't buy anything until you've been to the Nightvision UK forum
    There, you can get yourself educated about night vision for free without any sales or marketing hype.
    Once you've done that, then you can decide what you want to buy.
    IMHO, far and away the best bang for your buck is a screen based rear add-on and the best of those is built and sold by a member on NVUK called "some bloke" for 280.



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    At 750 to 1150 the Nitesite certainly isn't budget night vision anymore. Having bought the mk1 Ns200 which i quickly became disillusioned with i would recommend buying 2 Yukon Photons and a good quality illuminator for the same money.

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    Ward 700/800 is the best of the bunch for an add on in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEROLL View Post
    Ward 700/800 is the best of the bunch for an add on in my opinion.

    Definitely, but they're not really budget. As Bruce says, one off some bloke on the nv forum will easily match nite site and at a third of the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEROLL View Post
    Ward 700/800 is the best of the bunch for an add on in my opinion.
    I agree blueroll, 1000% better than a nitesite, wires, screens, batteries.. pah!!

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    google search for some bloke night vision from leicester (dave) sells home made kits cheap.better than nitesite from what i have witnessed.

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    i might be purchasing one of daves kits shortly,at present hes waiting on parts arriving so will be 2-3 weeks,just had pm off him tonight

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    I bought a night eye 200 a few years ago, I dont think they are made anymore due to court action from nitesite,
    Basically they were the same as the ns200, but didnt come in a fancy box, were a bit more agricultural but were a few hundred quid cheaper.
    It was dead on for bunny bashing to about 70 yards on my .22lr,
    However I stuck a t50 ir torch on the side and what a difference ! A couple of hundred yards easily. - I'm not shooting rabbits at a couple of hundred yards !
    Mine is kind of bulky but it does me rightly for bunny bashing and foxing as it can be switched between 22 and 223
    If I were to buy again, I would defo buy of that nightvision forum and use a t50 ir torch. I wouldnt pay big money for a branded type

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