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Thread: swarovski z8 ??

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    swarovski z8 ??

    Hi, I'm still oon the hunt for a Z6i 5-30x50 but if I cannot find a good tidy second hand one I may end up buying new, just looked at uttings and notice that for not alot more I can get the new Z8i, I know that it has 8 times zoom, but would there be alot of difference in the zoom range of the Z8 2-16x50 and the Z6 5-30x50, it is for my 22-250 which I use out to 350 yards Max,I did notice that they also sell a 2-18x56 but unsure if this is a little big??

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    I understand the Z6 5-30x50 is no longer being produced, which is very frustrating given that I think it's the best scope I have used. Regards JCS

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    I baught a Z6i 5 30 50 and I couldnt get on with it.

    It wouldnt come to the eye quickly (I am sure you know what i mean) and the max power settings were virtualy useless on anything but perfict days with perfict light and no haze, mist or rain.

    At any where near full power forget sticks and most high seats you realy need prone and a bipod to get the best out of it. All it does is make you realise how much your heartbeat twitches the scope

    Also do not underestimate how big and heavy a 5-30 scope is

    On my other rifel I had a Z6i 2.5 15 56 BT and that is an absolutly stunning scope in every way except it is still quite heavy.

    SOld the 5 - 30 -50 and baught another 2.5 15 56 BT and now I am very happy

    Range wise? 300m+ no problem with a X 15 if you killing fox or going for a heart shot.

    If your punching holes in paper and want a tight group the 30 would be better over 250 but below that I still find it shows me enough of the target to pull off good groups

    If your shooting 500m + open hill with plenty of time to set up get relaxed and take the shot, then I can see the advantage

    If you ocasionaly shoot v shot range woodlands or simila the I found the 5-30 even wound down to 5 was dificult to use


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    Swarovski have finished producing the underrated Z4i range and, if you don't need the latest whizzbang bit of kit, they are very good value for money. Those held in dealer inventories should be available for excellent prices if you are willing to look around and haggle a bit - 1170 for the 3-12x 50 is the advertised price but you'll do better than that.

    Just purchased a 3-12x50 with the 4A-300I reticle myself following advice from another forum member and I'm very impressed with it compared to my existing Swaro scopes (including a Z6i)
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    Or get one of the Z4 series?

    Swarovski are stopping making them soon anyway (which is annoying as now all their scopes are c.2k, and the Z4's are around 1-1.5k) and they have better light transmission than the Z6 series (90% in the Z6 vs 93% in the Z4), plus they are lightweight and have a decent zoom on them (4-12x).

    I have the 4-12x50i and have shot it now at 300x with no problems, more than enough zoom to take care of that and as Chasey said, not so much that your pulse is throwing the crosshairs all over the place.
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    Already have a Z4i 3-12x50 on my .22 hornet, it is stunning but am after more zoom to stretch out the 22-250, just not sure if the 2-16 Z8 will give me as much zoom? I do know that with my Z6 as previously stated at over 20 zoom it is useless unless the is plenty of light, just don't want to have a z8 that is not great over say 12 zoom??anyone used the Z8?

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