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Thread: Sako L46 .22 Hornet

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    Sako L46 .22 Hornet

    Selling my Sako as spares or repair.
    Woodwork and magazine are fine and working but the barrel is pretty much shot out.
    The chamber has had some corrosion in and when it was cleaned it it's too bad too use.
    When a round is fired the case expands into the craters left by the corrosion and the bolt won't pull back.
    Somebody may well be able to sort it out or have a spare barrel for it?
    Move now got another rifle so this may as well go.if someone wants the wood or magazine I'll hold off selling them separate for a week or 2, would like to sell complete ideally.

    The wood is in pretty good nick considering it's a 1960's rifle.
    I can send pics over by email if people pm me an address.
    complete including rfd this end 200

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    Sending you a pm
    Deer Stalking. Training and Courses. Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1, Training and Witnessing for the Level 2 Assessment.

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    Emailed the pics over!

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    I'll offer 150

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    Would you like any pics? If so please PM an email address.
    I'd take 150 just to get it out the way.
    Min the pics it shows a scope but this has now been removed.

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    All replied.

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    Hi walt1980
    could you email me some pic's please

    all the best


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    We have a deal?

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