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Thread: Most efficient moderator

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    Most efficient moderator

    Disregarding Price, weight, material, construction, reflex or muzzle mount, what are members opinion as to the most efficient moderator please ?

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    Pes t12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Pes t12.

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    Would the ase jet z compact also fall into the shortlist

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    T4 and T8, then for smaller stuff Ase Utra CQB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post

    I too have a Pes t12 but it is beat hands down by the good old faithful love 'em or hate 'em T8.

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    Calibre specific Hausken Whisper

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    I have had 2 T8 mods since they almost first appeared. The early ones are heavy and rust out easily and also tend to make a noise if hit on a low branch etc, hence the covers made for them. I still have one on my 25.06 and its fine, but I will change it in the future.

    My partner has a north star on her Browning X bolt. Very heavy and unbalances the rifle somewhat. On my 270 I have a riflecraft mod, similar to the T8 but one hell of a lot lighter, smaller and really quietens the 270 to nothing almost. I will admit I am impressed with them.

    There are so many mods on the market now, but I would try and stick to a reflex as they seem in my opinion much quieter than screw on the end mods. And also to a certain extent make the rifle less unbalanced.

    Mind you I still have rifles that I am not moderating.
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    Wildcat Evo (calibre specific) Also Ase Utra are pretty good.
    Im a big believer in calibre specific having put a wildcat whisper on a .17 with .22 baffles the difference was really noticeable.

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