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Thread: Ruger 77/17 hmr.

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    Ruger 77/17 hmr.

    Hi Folks,
    Anyone know of a decent trigger upgrade for a Ruger 77/17 HMR.Thanks in advance for looking.
    Cheers High seat.

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    Not sure if they can help, but try "rimfire magic". they seem pretty good for anything rimmy :-)
    Certainly very good trigger kit for my CZ and they do mention Ruger on their web site I think.

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    Timney makes a good sear for the 77/22. I have four of these rifles with these sears installed. Excellent stuff.~Muir

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    Thanks guys i will check both of these options.
    High seat.

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    Rifle Basix, look no further.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have one of these with a superb trigger.
    When I bought it the the gunsmith did a trigger job and screwcut and proof.
    I think the trigger job was 35.00

    ATB Bryan.

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