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Thread: 7mm rem mag moderators

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    7mm rem mag moderators

    Looking for some opinions from those of you that shoot the 7mm rem mag and have a moderator. What have you used, what do you recommend going for and ones to avoid if any.
    Regardles of price, as really would like the best and to be over barrel type.


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    i have a Pes t12 on a 300wm

    lot of powder
    go stainless

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    I am using ASE Northstar. i think its the best balance between weight and sound reduction.

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    I've got a DPT that I believe gives the best balance between sound reduction/ weight/ cost.

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    Cheers guys. Plenty to test out then. Thanks.

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    A follow up question from this.....are you using a magnum suitable mod or just one with the correct or bigger size?
    Been having a look and people seem to think a non magnum proofed one is fine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy7mm View Post
    I am using ASE Northstar. i think its the best balance between weight and sound reduction
    Plus one on this moderator. I have one for my .270 (as well as a Roedale Delta) and it tames muzzle flip, recoil and noise superbly. It's not particularly light, but it's fully-welded stainless steel and built to last
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    I have heard they come highly recommended.
    Would that one be safe on a 7mm r m?

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    Hi - I've said this before, so some may think I'm pushing this for a reason, but here goes - try a Lawrence Precision Moderator.
    I've had a couple of ASE products, they worked fine, but were heavy. I shot them on .243 and .300wm. I then bought a Lawrence Precision one in titanium.
    It's light, required no maintenance at all, I decided on how many baffles I wanted and what thread it came with. I also went to have it fitted by him, so there was no possibility of the threads not being tight. On one factory rifle this meant he had to cut his thread to fit, as it wasn't quite exact enough on my rifle.
    It's probably had 600 + rounds though it by now, and has had no issues. Oh - and should I wish to use it on another rifle I can get another rear bush supplied to fit that barrel too. Instead of it coming from the other side of the world, it's made in Notts, and I can actually see them being made if I wish.
    Opinions are like a***holes - everybody's got one. I find the product very good, and although at first not cheap, added up over the 5 years I've had it, and the years I expect to continue to have it, it's actually good value for money. In life, you get what you pay for.

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    Jacksons advised me that ONLY the SL7 is magnum rated....Aetec Maxim is NOT. Also the Schulz & Larsen Thunderdome is cleared as a Magnum rated Mod.

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