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Thread: Advice: Lamp shy rabbits

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    Advice: Lamp shy rabbits

    Hi all

    I know it's probably already been posted but......

    I I have a perm on a local golf course 110 acres... Lots of rabbit damage etc.. Shooting with a 22lr and can walk or use a buggy.. My problem is that as soon as the lamp goes on regardless of filter, the rabbits bolt ! (Very frustrating) isn't being shot by anyone else but has been in the past... Is it worth investing in nv ?

    Dont think I'm doing anything wrong and have been in all weather conditions but doesn't make a difference ! Has anyone got any tips or experience in switching to nv with lamp shy rabbits.. I don't want to invest in nv if it's not worth it.. Typically go between 10:00 and 1:00..

    Any by advice would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks lads


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    Couple of ferrets would be cheaper..... If not photon gets good reviews for not a lot of money.
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    I have a photon on my air rifle and I'm very happy with it, very easy to set up as long as you have adjustable mounts. Hopefully someone local to you may have some NV you can have a test of.

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    I would firstly plot the damage areas on a map, you will probably find some areas of the course with high density of rabbits and others barren, obviously concentrate on the juicy areas. Before setting off check the wind and plan your attack route.

    The other thing I would do is fit a dimmer on your lamp, less light less jumpy. Over the years I recon red is the colour that courses the least runners.

    Also battery buggy would be better than petrol if there's a choice.

    Failing that try an early morning outing and see how that goes.

    Good luck!

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    Lamp shy rabbits

    I would recommend:

    Invest in night vision for your .22
    Use subsonic ammo
    Use moderator
    Use bolt action .22 (More quiet than semi-auto)
    Limit the number of times that you visit the ground
    Try different approach techniques (Walk rather than use buggy? Depends if bunnies are used to buggy)
    Use the wind when approaching
    Stick to darker overcast nights to help avoid being seen
    Shoot off a good set of quadsticks
    Watch out for poachers lamping with lurchers. (May be reason bunnies are lamp shy. )

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    The golf course that I am trying to clear of rabbits is on the top of a hill, so I am silhouetted in the glow the local towns if walking from most directions.
    I find it best to switch off the headlamps and engine of the vehicle as soon as the rabbit is in range, check with the thermal spotter to see if it is still there, then use the Photon on the moderated .22lr to take the shot.

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    A photon xt is very good for rabbits on a .22lr.
    I have a few perms that I have cleared rabbits out of.
    On the other hand I do have 1 that I have found the rabbits are aware of the ir but I have reduced the number fairly well there now.
    I'm in the process of getting a fac air rifle and photon for pest control as safer and quiet.

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    Get a Photon and do your research with IR units as a lot of them do emit a red glow make sure you get one that doesn't

    .22LR is all you need lie out upto 80-100 yards and take them out

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    As others have said Yukon Photon 6.5x50 XT.I've shot rabbits up to 140 yards with the inbuilt IR(moon behind me) so don't worry about an IR torch to start with - get a " black " IR torch later if they spook at the red glow.

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    t20 cost me 20 inc a x2 lens S/H it as good or better than the 800
    Quote Originally Posted by C.J View Post
    As others have said Yukon Photon 6.5x50 XT.I've shot rabbits up to 140 yards with the inbuilt IR(moon behind me) so don't worry about an IR torch to start with - get a " black " IR torch later if they spook at the red glow.

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