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Thread: How long did you study for DSC1?

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    How long did you study for DSC1?

    How long did you study the manual for before your DSC Level 1 course? (Before successfully passing)

    Interested in the answers and whether you think you planned your study time appropriately? .. whether you would have studied differently in hindsight?

    .. we are running our next course in November, so I hope the poll and discussion will help those in the run up!
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    didnt study the manual at all I find that sort of document mind blowing !I used a DSC.1 training website sooooo much better for me .
    I did between 10 mins to half an hour most days for a month and took the test day only along with three pals
    hope that helps and we ranged in age from 30-40 something so been left school a while
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    It was a good few years back now but from memory I took the literature with me on a two week holiday and every morning (5:30am) I would grab some coffee and read thought it all over and over for two hours until my wife got up. I sat the test the week I returned home and passed, so can't say I would have studied any differently.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    I read the manual during the month before.

    I took a lot of notes during the course lectures and then studied/revised those in the evenings...using the manual to confirm anything unintelligible in my notes.

    I tended to make notes of the things that were new to me rather than just everything that was said.


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    I think i dropped lucky when i joined the forum,a very kind member sent me his manual ,that i read till my head hurt,i had it at least twelve months,i returned it as soon as i found out i was on the course,i also checked online for bits,ordered the cd,s hygiene/safety i had one with deer recognition on it all of witch i have passed on to another nube,all in all it was stressful but that was just me over thinking it,the course was actually the EASY part,and that included a flyer second shot so borrowed another lads rifle in case mine was out,it wasn,t just one bad round, I think the most important bit was everyone from start to finish was helpful and put everyone at ease,the paper manual was great because you could recheck everything quickly,the cd,s where brilliant because you could throw them on anytime,good luck with your courses,atb doug,

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    3 weeks on the run up to the 4 day course.

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    Booked 13th July for a 19 august course got the manuals couple days later read a little. the company has online learning basically a database of the question bank you can do . I ran the online questions repeatedly checking the ones I got wrong each time for the few days before the course wasn't long before scoring 45plus ex 50 every time. Course cleared up the season dates and months for casting rutting velvet scraping and births . And the simple way of deer id. Wasn't worried about the shooting or practical stalk.

    So well under the 1 month or a week really

    Would I pass the exams now 2 weeks later .....probably.....
    in a few months time ???...maybe not
    I studied to pass an exam now have time to learn what's relevant to me and know where to look up what I need but can't recall

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    I think if you have experience with this sort of multiple choice test and some basic knowledge of the field, you can realistically learn it well enough to pass with about 5 hours worth of concerted effort. Possibly with another 2 hours practicing species recognition.

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    Three days before and used the disc training website, which was a great help.

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    I used Jelen. I went through the questions on their online training system every lunchtime at work for about 6 or so weeks before the test weekend. I also worked through various training manuals (BDS one is the best) on the train in the mornings and evenings.

    I had minimal knowledge before.
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