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Thread: I want a .338 Federal!!!

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    I want a .338 Federal!!!

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    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I. Can I have the empty .338 Fed case for my cartridge collection please? I am trying to get examples of empty cases based on the .308 Win that are necked up or necked down.
    Thanks JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch View Post
    I've sent them higher with far less exotic rifles! If he'd hit it solidly it would have flown into chunks instead of straight up. A 22-250 or a .243 will make vapor from an adult prairiedog!~Muir

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    bill murry could have done with one of those

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    Been there, done that.

    Before moving back up to Scotland i had a 338 lapua and before that a 338 win mag - i guess i went through my mid life crisis early. Even when reloading its bloody stupid money.

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    My .223 Rem does that with bunnies!
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    I am sure a lad no Ukvarminting has a .338 federal after he had to get rid of his .375 H&H

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    I am sure a lad no Ukvarminting has a .338 federal after he had to get rid of his .375 H&H
    A lad on UKV and here has a .338 Win Mag after selling his .375H&H..... Me!

    If only the agents would get their butts into gear and get it to my RFD, I can't wait to take it bunny bashing! On a more serious note though on targets that size I don't think much changes once you get past .223. All fast centrefires will vapourise small quarry. No joke, I shot a bunny at 25 yards with my 6.5x55 once and when I went to pick it up all I found was the end of a leg, an ear and a big round patch of red grass with odd traces of fur. I must have hit it spot on in the middle because most of it had just disappeared. I searched a good 20 foot circle and found nothing else!

    EDIT... Allowing for the fact that the 6.5 is actually quite slow I'd say that something like a .243, .25-06 or .270 would be even worse!
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    I should have added that the .338 Federal falls nicely within the energy range of "accepted" Deer calibres. If you already have a stalking rifle why not ask for one? It would be a reasonable request.

    I asked for the .338 Win Mag because I wanted something that I could work with and make "big slow holes" rather than "fast little holes". Fast and small is great but I firmly believe that it bruises a lot of meat and relies on shock to kill. A bigger hole bleeds out faster so doesn't really need the shock factor?

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