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Thread: Varget and H4350

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    Varget and H4350

    Hi all,

    I have a part full tub of Varget and part full tub of H4350. Haven't reloaded in a long time so thought it's time to have a clear out!

    There is 400grams of H4350 and 340grans of Varget, 20 each.

    Collection only and please bring FAC - Peasedown, near Bath.


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    I'll chuck in 21 Federal large rifle primers too - random amount I know but I'm not throwing them in the bin!

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    35 for both and the primers?!

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    Ill have those please, based in Frome PM me to arrange pick up/payment. TDP

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    If this sale falls through I will have them and can pick up.


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    Thanks for the interest guys - I've messaged topdogpippin to arrange, if this falls through I'll let you know Cyres. Cheers

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    Hi D belt and braces, I have sent you a pm re pick up, don't know what happened to the first two?! If any probs I seem to be getting your P.m's please include a mobile and i will call you but basically can pick up tonight (Thurs) or tomorrow.


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