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    reloader19 powder

    Any one tried this in 7mm/08, and if so has any one got the results on the reloading data site. 145gr with 51gr of 19 giving 2933?seems pretty optimistic.I couldnt get more than 50gr in any way and got 2810 from a twenty inch barrel.

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    Check the barrel length on the data. Most are stated as 24" which would explain the variance. Reloaded powders are often punchy and good in short barrels. Sorry I have no experience in 7-08 but use it in 6.5x55 in either rl17 or 19. Both accurate, and predictable.


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    The Speer 145-gr BTSP has less bearing surface than the flat base, and less than most 139/140 gr bullets, so it will run pretty fast. Try a full case ( varies with the brass ) of IMR or H-4350. Start 3 gr lower and work up to it. 50-gr of RL-19 is a compressed load with the Speer. 48.0 gr and 2,800+ fps is more realistic for a 22-inch barrel. RL-19 is good with 150-gr and 154-gr bullets.

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