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Thread: Mounts ID?

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    Mounts ID?

    Can anyone confirm the bases or rail these mounts will fit? They seem to taper at the front.


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    Usually Sako,for example mod.75, for taper mounts

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    Would they fit a tikka rail as well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post
    Would they fit a tikka rail as well?

    Not if they are tapered

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    They don't look tapered enough for Sako to me.
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    It's the front mount of an Apel roll off, the rear mount should be windage adjustable, identical to aAttachment 74126 Sauer 202. D.

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    Thanks windygun. Do they need a dedicated apel base or are they designer to fit a specific base or rail?


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    For a sauer they fit on a base but the dovetail is 17mm, the same as a tikka, it may be worth a try reversing the mount to see if the recoil pin fits the slot on the tikka action, or removing the Allen bolt, otherwise it's a call to sentry trading for some bases. D.

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    Thanks. First up I'm wanting to fit them to a heym but that currently has picatinny bases fitted. Will have to see if I can source some heym bases that will accept the apels.


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    Shame they weren't swing offs as I have some spare bases for an sr20.

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