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Thread: Rifle bag/ case

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    Rifle bag/ case

    Have a tikka t3 Ctr that I am going for a tactical look with. Looking for a bag. Like the look of the aim drag bag, but price makes me think twice. Any one got another option? Looking for what people have actually tried. Thanks

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    Did the same last year. Ended up getting the Aim drag bag. Fantastic bit of kit, worth the money. Sadly it's buy once cry once.

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    Get the aim pal you'll not regret it iv got two they are worth every penny but I also have the ridgeline drag bag which is 50 cheaper and is also great kit regards Benji

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    Nearly every gun bag I have ever had has been let down by the zip. Those interlocking coil type zips are useless in my opinion.
    I've got an Arktis drag bag with a proper zip.

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    There is a large bag that converts into a shooting mat in Southam's 15 Sept Sporting Guns sale at Bedford. It's the black cordura BSA one. HFT air gun guys use them and those guys give them hard use. It looks new to me. Has a GMK gun cleaning roll with it.

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    Aim +1

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    Go for an Aim drag bag. They're expensive, but you won't need to replace it.

    Phil Ogden makes a really nice tactical bag too if you want something a little more bespoke.

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    Looks like it will have to be an aim from all the reviews!!

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