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Thread: Scirocco 130gr bullets

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    Scirocco 130gr bullets

    Has anybody used these in a 6.5x55 and has a starting point for reloading? I believe them to be critical in seating depth, but do they work well on Roe?

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    used the same weight in .270 on red deer, mine were not that fussy for OAL

    Be aware they are a heavy jacketed bonded bullet with potential for much heavier game than a UK roe
    Not saying they won't work in the right place but suspect they may not expand as well as others more suited to light framed game

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    I used these bullets early in my reloading career with my 260 Rem. I found them very difficult to tune. They appeared to have great accuracy potential, but were very expensive, even back then. I did chest shoot a roe buck with one.

    As Ed says above, I think there are many cheaper and better options.



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