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Thread: mod affecting performance

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    mod affecting performance

    hi all as in the title i recently had a wildcat p 8 put on my tikka 595 243 and ever since the its performance has been no where as near as good as regards to groupings and zero in general before the mod was fitted i was confident to be able to shoot crows heads off upto a couple of hundred yards (maybe not every time ) but i never had a doubt that if i could get within 250 odd yards then crows were as good as dead since the mod has gone on i carnt get a grouping of less than 3 inch at a hundred yards and its driving me mad firstly i thought it may be a change in ammo but 60 95 grain and 80 odd quid later im back on what i started with and its still no better does any one have any ideas as its affecting my confidence on the bucks as well im now not taking neck shots (not that i did many in the neck any way ) but its nice to have that option also ive put a bipod on which may of affected my now bloody annoying rifle help please thanks brian

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    It it repeatable? i.e. Put mod on - bad groups, take mod off - good groups?

    How is the tolerance of the bushing around the barrel?

    Have you checked for clearance between stock and barrel with mod on? Sometimes the extra weight of the mod can cause the stock to flex fractionally more and contact the barrel, especially with a bipod.


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    Lose the bipod.
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    the bushing is touching around the barrel but not tight ive not tried it without the mod to tell the truth before fitting the bipod and since fitting my groupings have not altered stil around three inch but a random three inch one left one bang on one inch right if you know what i mean ill have a look at clearnce between barrell and stock now hopefully i can find the problem and make my local crow / vermins life hell again as it getting to the stage where there not scared of my van again

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    Yeah, you need to change one thing at a time to troubleshoot it. Try some groups with the mod off, but leaving everything else the same, bipod on etc. That's the only way you can narrow it down. If the groups are instantly better with the mod off then obviously it is something to do with the mod and you need to start looking for the cause.

    The next step would then be to take the bipod off and try with and without mod (off a shooting bag or something) to narrow it down.


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    Just had a rehash of thoughts on this one, if you have just had it "threaded for the mod", I would check that the action screws have not shot loose, since you have been using it from the rifle coming back to you.............. they don't have to be rattling to give changes in P.O.I....also as previously mentioned by others , check for free float space between the barrel & woodwork just in case the mod is causing a touch. Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Definitely try shooting a group without the mod; this will confirm whether the thread is true...mine wasn't!

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    Swatty. As CSL says one thing at a time needs to be checked out and ticked off. A couple of thoughts. Was the rifle already threaded, or have you just had it threaded? If it's just been threaded, can I suggest checking all the action screws and scope mounts are tight? Hopefully this will eliminate one potential source of the problem. The second suggestion is to get someone else to try a shot with the rifle. moe243 shoots my rifles better than I can. Ask a pal who is a good shoot to try it and see if he gets the same problem. Rgds JCS

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    I had a similar problem and it was the Bi-Pod. Took it off used a bag rest and it grouped fine. with or without the mod. trouble is the POI shift was a bit much so the whole thing is getting a look over.

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    Over barrel mods are a pain in the arse, because even very good gunsmiths still believe that the bushing must fit tight around the barrel. This is bull because the barrel outside diameter is mostly not center with the bore.
    Some are so convinced that they will never change...for them it's best to use a muzzle mounted can. Problem solved.

    Just try a few shots without the bushing. (Of course the mod must be of correct size)

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