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Thread: Mae ims .308/7.62 moderator

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    Mae ims .308/7.62 moderator

    This moderator came with my AI AT when I bought it off of this forum. I haven't used it so it is just gathering dust, It's seen a couple of hundred rounds through it from the previous owner and is in good condition. I'll post some more pictures when I get a chance.

    This would fit an AI AW or AI AT with a 20" threaded barrel.

    150 face to face or 150 + RFD costs to ship it.

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    I could be wrong, but I thought they were made to fit an individual barrel.

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    So you just use the slim inner barrel without Mod? Must look a bit strange! Also, shouldnt this be in Firearams components, not Reloading?

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    I thought I did post it in firearms components. If a mod sees this I'm sure they can move it!

    I don't believe they are made to fit an individual barrel, but I will check with sporting services tomorrow to find out for sure. From the receipt I have the barrel is a standards 20" threaded barrel, I just use it with an AI brake

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    Here's a pic without the mod on the rifle.

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    barrel requires o-rings to seal at the back - still a bargain

    1. The barrels are precisely machined with a thread at the muzzle and further along at the parrellel reinforce 2x "O" rings grooves are machined to accomodate 2x high temperature "O" ring seals, to prevent exhausting gases from escaping.
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    I don't have that on mine the o rings are part of the mod and there are no grooves for o rings cut into the barrel.

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    I have spoken to sporting services and they have confirmed that my barrel is the standard profile AT 20" barrel threaded M18x1.5 (sporting services part number 26552BL)

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