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Thread: Approaching the high set

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    Approaching the high set

    What's your approach for getting to the high seat in the morning? I've got a seat that is positioned fairly centrally to the wood and quite close to the action due due to the topography and mature of the woods. I find I have two options to get to it: either stalk in at first light or get there pre dawn and get to the seat as quickly as possible and wait I.e. Not worrying about snapping twigs etc. Trouble is I find I often bump deer on doing this and here them running off barking. Had success with both methods but wonder what you guys tend to do?

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    The high seat stalking I've done so far has all been by getting there before the action starts (as quietly as possible!) and waiting for first light, or for the light to start fading.
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    Very early.

    Very quietly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsmoke View Post
    Very early.

    Very quietly.


    Have a similar one in the middle of a mature wood...often hear animals moving around as I'm moving in....also have as many possible routes in to avoid winding!

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    Stalk in as you never know what's around that ladder , you may have to stop and wait to avoid feeding deer in your way rush in and you may ruin your chances at first light.

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    Only Muntjac on one of my main farms with 2 wooden high seats (one in the completely wrong place) I added 3 more of my own.

    I have shot 70% off my sticks as I have found they allow me to cover more ground. One example is a hedge splits a wood with a gate way into 4 fields. Not possible to stick a seat there so I pitch up and wait...
    One seat has produced 5 deer all in the evenings as I prefer to shoot at that time with the days work done giving me time to the seats.

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    Defo stalk in to the seat as quietly as possible as they could be anywhere as I found out last week!!!

    Approached the seat fairly carefully, unloaded gun, propped against the seat, dropped roe sack to the floor which made a munty jump up from the other side of some bramble about 10 yards in front of seat. Bounced off down a finger ride, turned broadside and barked at me then mooched off never to be seen again!!

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    One piece of advice I have been given is to walk in the morning and sit in the afternoon. Regards JCS

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    I always stalk into a high seat, treat your approach as you would if you were foot stalking normally - of course this requires light. I've shot quite a few deer on my way to a high seat, and some directly under them. If your bumping them going in pre dawn then use the above approach

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    Depends entirely on the location and individual circumstances of the seat, as you say its right in the "action" spot, so stalk in if i were you , i have seats like this and its the best option, some of my seats are only located to catch deer on the way back in from the moor, you can rock up to those on an Argo as the deer will still be a mile out on the moor at first light.

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