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Thread: muntjac updated!

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    muntjac updated!

    Hi guys
    After the interest of the other post, We will be offering muntjac packages.
    There is alot of muntjac on the ground, Alot of good heads too!
    So to start our management plan theres lets say 1 or 2 to be culled.
    we will be offering outings with a NO LIMIT on numbers of animals up to cic bronze
    so for any one wanting to stalk there first muntjac or some one looking for a very good representative, then please get intouched

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    Hi Dancoventry
    Where in the country are you, would it be in the warwickshire countryside by any chance. I live in Sunny Wales and would like to know how far I would have to travel to you. Also whats the money.

    Cheers Gaz

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    pm / inquisition sent

    atb frank

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    Can you pm with details ? Were/When/how much, i have never done any stalking ( applied for centre fire ) so no rifle of the calibre needed ( is one avealible for hire ) do you/they take on novices ???


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    Hi to all can say these guy are right on cue lots of beasts about i had 2 on friday night cracking place cheers Trevor

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    PM me some details please mate

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    dan can u pm details of munty stalking

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