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Thread: using thermal / pulsar / with glasses PITA?

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    using thermal / pulsar / with glasses PITA?

    hi folks,

    I am on the brink of buying my first thermal and quite fancy the pulsar xq50. I wear glasses all of the time and wondered if anybody has experience of this line of thermals that wear glasses and whether it is a pain in the ar$e.

    I bought a photon recently and find that the rubber boot over the eye piece is so long that I need to push my glasses right into it to see properly. I know I could cut the rubber or maybe remove it / fold it but I was wondering if anybody experiences this with the thermal spotters.


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    You will not have an issue with the eyepiece on the Pulsar with glasses - no wraparound and no pressure on it needed. I have a friend with about -10 myopia and he can use it OK.....
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    No problem at all.

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    I wear distance glasses for the day 'scopes, binos and the HD38S (which is adjusted for no glasses so I push them up onto my forehead or hold the TI a touch further away) but after dark the glasses come off and all the NV kit is adjusted to my eyes as they are.


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    thanks all. much appreciated

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    I can't use glasses and the Apex, feels horrible, I just lift my glasses onto my forehead. I am short sighted, recon that makes a difference!

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