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Thread: Javelin bipod

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    Javelin bipod

    Got a javelin bipod for sale having to sell as due to back problems i cannot shoot prone to much pain so have to use sticks now..

    there are 2 adapters that fit on stock 1 is for straight flat front end the other is for a curved stock .
    They are easy to fit just take your sling stud out at the front and replace with one of the adapters then you can attach your sling again.

    the legs are magnetic so you can keep them in your pocket and when needed just put them in the adapter the strong magnet holds them OK .

    Saves having to carry your rifle round with heavy bipod attached..

    they are 250 new looking for 180 O N O posted

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    I have used one for a while now and very convenient, never had one fall off, magnet in captive sleeve is very strong and positive. Good buy at that price, best of luck with your sale.
    Sniper quote: Why run you will only die tired.

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    is this the mark 1 or mark 2?


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    sorry no idea but still for sale ..

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    Judging by the knurled ends to the legs its a MK1 long

    Mk 2 has smooth ends

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    I can verify that mike is a 100% top man to deal with having bought a few things from him ............................he also makes a half decent brew as well

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