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Thread: Hi guys. Scotland

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    Hi guys. Scotland

    Hi I have moved from ireland to Aberdeen well just outside it. I love hunting fishing and shooting. I was wondering if anyone here would take me along or out hunting. I have insurance etc. Just overwhelmed at the amount of quarry/game around here and was looking to get out a run. Or even if there is any clubs here to join to shoot a few targets. I dnt have a gun here as only here for a year or so with work and would love the experience of having hunted in Scotland. Thanks guys

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Welcome to the site,

    Already a member was just looking to see if anyone here could show me or advise me on a clay club etc or let me go stalking in this area

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    Sealscove just to the south of Aberdeen on the coast is likely your nearest 'public' clay ground - and very good it is too.

    Stalking - you are surrounded by estates, most of them offering paid day stalking - take your pick! I'd recommend Glen Tanar as a good day out. Estate will provide rifle.

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    .308 - if you find 'Takbok' on here he is out your way. Rory is involved in a club with clays. Cheers

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