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Thread: Re loading clear out

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    Re loading clear out

    Can't see me using this lot so time to go........

    Lee 9mm three die set hardly used again slight surface rust.
    20 posted SOLD
    Lee 30-06 two die set really good condition
    20 posted
    Lyman .44spl three die set good condition
    30 posted

    Speer .38spl cases112 off new.
    25 posted

    RP .357 magnum cases 75 off new
    25 posted. SOLD

    Cheers Steve.
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    Just to say I have dealt with a purchase from Steve he's a great guy and credit to the forum.

    all the best with the sale.


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    Ah, seeing as rainman is being nice I'll second that, Steve's definitely one of the good guys.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Awwwww shucks.
    Thanks guys.

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    Any realistic offers ??????

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    Can I have first refusal on the 9mm dies please for a mate, trying to contact him now.

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    First refusal to "Hobbesy"

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    I'll take the.357 magnum cases if still available

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    Hi Mudlark,
    Down to you mate.
    Will PM you.

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