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Thread: Is the xq19 good enough?

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    Is the xq19 good enough?

    I'm thinking of a thermal hand held. This will be for foxing with maximum range of 200yards. If the old hd38 was the go to hand held and the new xq19 delivers the same performance, can I save the money and get the xq19?
    i know we a want the biggest and best but there is about 1000 difference between the 19 and the 50 so wonder whether I really need the extra this gives. I should say that this foxing is a hobby not part of a contract.


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    I would say it will work great for you. I have the old hd38s and that does me just fine and I need to detect fox's 700 yards + . Just a heat spot but that's all I need . The only thing that I could really see as a negative would be the 30hz as apposed to the 50hz.
    If I was definitely wanting one I would get a trial through scott country or maybe even drews lab (if they do trials)

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    My view is that the XQ19 will only give you a heat source at those ranges - but that, and behaviour recognition may be enough for you. The XQ38 is excellent - I worry about the lack of field of view on the XQ50.

    The XD38S is probably the happy ground - Scott Country had their demo for sale just, so might be worth a shout - or as those who need biggest and best move on, some good second hand bargains. I've evaluated the XQ19 and it didn't do it for me.
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    Cheers guys. Am up in Scotland in October so may call into scott country.

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    A review done recently by Drew's Lab - we think it's good enough!

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    Great video thanks. It certainly looks like it will be all I need and saving a few pounds as well.

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    A secondhand xd38/50 would be a far better option, plenty around that have hardly been used

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barmyfarner View Post
    A secondhand xd38/50 would be a far better option, plenty around that have hardly been used

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    Just email us at and mention Deer Stalking Forum for a discount.

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    Getting to the point where i got to make a decision, HQ38 or ward wt37
    question is there any compelling reason to have one or the other

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