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    sitting in a highseat today i was aware of a white object moveing in and out of cover 300 yds down a ride, closer examination through the binos showed it was a doe with creamy white on her shoulders a large part of her back and one of her haunches anyone else came across ,anything like this before ,i took a photo but it s not very clear when blown up its just a white blob

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    You blew the deer up! Oh the photo. Are you sure its not a Llama?

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    A few years ago, I regularly saw a doe with a white flash running the full lenght of its nose.

    Come the doe season, it disappeared and I never saw it again

    There have been a number of reported cases of pibald roe, the most famous of which was killed in a RTA but found quickly enought to be fully stuffed. It's on display in the reception areas of one of the whisky distillers in the north of Scotland.


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