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Thread: 270 ,130gr ballistic tip

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    270 ,130gr ballistic tip

    iv a 22" in ten twist walther barrel in my 75 . looking for a hot load for above .

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    I looked at my old load data last night for the .270 as i'm waitng for my new one to arrive. my pet load for my last 270 was 57.5gns reloader22 with a federal magnum primer, 130 sierra boat tail sp. it's getting near the top end so obviously start lower and work up.


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    3000fps from a 110 grain VMax over 59 grains of H4831 and a CC BR2 primer - best accuracy when seated long ( I'm seating them to give an ogive measured COL of 2.790"). This load gives ragged one hole groups at 100 yards in both of the .270 rifles it's used in - I don't use it for deer anymore but there's no denying its effectiveness


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