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Thread: Ruger 300 blackout

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    Ruger 300 blackout

    Just bought one today looks good value for money. My local gunshop had 3 new ones on their delivery order come in today, will be giving it a go at the range tomorrow, came with 16 inch barrel factory screw cut and scope rail fitted

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    not a facetious question, but what are you going to use it for?

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    Enjoy it. Let us know how you get on with it.

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    You can get them deer legal just with 110 grn, more for quiet fox with subsonic 200 grn at up to 150 yards

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    You can get them deer legal just with 110 grn, more for quiet fox with subsonic 200 grn at up to 150 yards
    Do you have any info on or links to loads that will achieve the 1700 ft/lb limit?

    I have a Ruger American Ranch 300BLK on order at the moment and am looking forward to trying it out both sub and supersonic.

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    You will struggle to get them deer legal. Even with slow for cartridge powders.

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    I have had a 300 AAC Ruger for about 10 months and have used bullets from 100 to 220 grain. You will have a very hard time reaching the 1700 ft/lb mark if that's your goal. The closest i have come to that energy level is the 130 grain Federal S.O.S.T. bullet (frangible military) at 2380 fps. Just over 1600 ft/lbs and I was flattening primers using Accurate Arms 1680 and Lil Gun.

    That said, it is one of the most enjoyable cartridges I shoot. I have shot Sierra 135 grain HP's out to 500 yards on a 7 x 13" steel target. Initial speed was 2100 fps needing 25MOA up elevation from the 100 yard zero. That was a lot of fun. Shot the same size plate at 340 using Sierra Palma Match 155's at around 1950 fps and scored 13 consecutive hits prone. Again. serious fun. I hope you enjoy yours.~Muir

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    I can see it's military short range applications, AR platform, quiet, heavy bullet. I looked into it for foxing, mainly because of how quiet it was, but it's limited energy, and huge drop, put me off a little on the bigger stuff. I'm sure there's a place for one in the cabinet though.

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    I'm just looking at 277 Wolverine as an alternate to 300 AAC. All interesting and suitably esoteric for the shooting community.......
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    Years ago, a friend and I put together a .300 Whisper on a Thompson single shot with a 24 inch barrel, for taking deer in populated areas, where they were coming from a park and eating gardens. With the 200-gr Sierra MK, we could wait until a car passed on a highway nearby for taking the shot, and no one knew we were there. All the deer fell in their tracks.

    Another friend, a gunsmith and designer with several patents, builds them on an AR platform with an integral suppressor - much fun to shoot, and can reach out there with 125-gr bullets.

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