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Thread: 17hmr max range

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    Wink 17hmr max range

    The 17hmr is a round that divides
    opinion, for me its maximum range on rabbits is around the 160 yard mark. Reason for this is simple, the Vmax bullet is designed to expand from 1600 fps upwards( at 160 yards it's about done), it's accuracy is marginal (at that distance in ideal conditions 1 1/2 " at best )and if a butterfly flaps its wings in a neighbouring county it'll be blown of path.
    Am I being contentious? Yes. I'm still interested in other people's thoughts on what they consider to be an appropriate max range for the hmr though.

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    I once killed a rhino with a round pebble I skimmed off a puddle at 750yds. I know it was a fluke...I can't normally throw that well.

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    Don't know if I believe you !

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    Well aside from shooting elephants at 100 yards with an air rifle.......... I love the HMR. My standard range is 80 to 100 yards. That is the ideal range, okay maybe add a bit more, say 110. I have shot a rabbit at 160 yards. The butterfly was on holiday that day. And sometimes I shoot out to 150. Still night and passing the time. But generally I find 100 yards spot on. Don't tend to miss.

    there is probably an element on me in that as I am shooting off quad sticks.

    Did I mention I love my HMR?
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    100 yard sweet spot ,160 yard max and your a lover of the HMR.
    Should add so am I.
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    Get a 204R and you will leave the 17hmr in the cabinet!!!

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    Heard about one splitting a coyote in half at 300yards...
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    I am with big ears with this one changed my hmr for 204 last year and have never looked back

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    I have just had my ticket back with a HMR back on it,

    I have to agree that it has its limits. and i have a 20 tac (posh 204 that uses less powder), but I cannot use that or a 22 lr anywhere near where i need to shoot,

    so guess has to be a 17 hmr for the less ricochet factor etc.

    so IMO: it has a place in my cabinet, as for range lets not go there as i should imagine that someone has shot a flea of a ducks back in the next county with their 17 hmr. best to say that shoot within your own capabilities and you cant go wrong with any calibre you choose.

    regards and enjoy what you chose in the end.

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    Depends on whether or not the bullet manages to exit the barrel.
    As for all those that think it doesn't produce ricochets, well sorry but it does, at least as often as a C/F round.
    It's just that it's a tiny bullet and doesn't make much noise, but like any other round if the bullet strikes at an acute angle it's going to bounce.


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