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Thread: Electronic Fallow Buck call

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    Electronic Fallow Buck call

    Anyone used one,met a guy on holidays a few weeks back ,reckons he uses one his son bought him ,in America he thinks ,and it drew Bucks and spikers brilliantly ,he couldn't remember to make or model ,anyone used one ?

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    I'm pretty sure that it would be illegal to shoot the deer you called whilst using an electronic call? Maybe the laws in Ireland are different to the UK? Or perhaps I'm imagining things?

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    Been covered here. Seems to be legal in the UK....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I never mentioned shooting anything baguio !

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    I have the contents of the CD "Die Stimmen diner Hirshe" (The Voices of Deers) loaded onto my iPhone and that works with reds and roe. Must try it in conjunction with the Bose Soundlink Mini bluetooth speaker for a bit more volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaser.270 View Post
    I never mentioned shooting anything baguio !
    I didn't say that you did!

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