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    Roe deer

    Hi all, I am new to the directory and I was wondering if I could ask for comments on this roe buck I took recently in Scotland. i am not an expert on roe but I am sure there are expert roe stalkers who would assist me. Is it a medal head ?. I have sent it away for mounting as it is the best I have ever taken. I am only a visitor to Scotland hence my lack of knowledge on roe bucks. I have attached pics of the head from 2 anglesClick image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for any comments


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    I'd say that it has a very fair chance as it seems to have good length and more importantly for scoring roe it seems heavy in the beam with big coronets.

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    It will never make a medal mate sorry but its got to be measured in water and all that crap and you have sent it away to be mounted. Now my advice would be to get it back before the Taxidermist cuts it and get it done by the CIC trophy mob. Then see what it makes after that you can get it mounted to me it looks a top trophy and i have seen a few.

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    Pretty sure its medal class but as Choc said you need to get it measured before you have it mounted, and needs to be 90 days
    after being shot before you can have it measured.

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    Thanks to all you guys who responded to me, the head is still in a freezer and I shall contact the taxidermist regarding getting it assessed.
    I am delighted with your comments thanks again.


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