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Thread: Change in licensing process

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    Well done on this. Note though it only affects England and Wales. What's the situation regarding Scotland.

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    Thanks for this David, good to see some forward progress and more common sense being applied to the process!
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    Our team in Scotland are holding more meetings with the Police and medical representatives. As soon as we know more I will post on a separate thread

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    One wonders how many other businesses would be happy being told what it can and cannot charge for, particularly from a lobbying body. The quote from the BASC barrister is particularly amusing given the legal profession would rarely issue a written opinion without an invoice.
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    My personal opinion is that this loss of patient doctor confidentiality will lead to the suppression of the reporting of treatable depression and other 'relevant' problems in licence holders and there will be an increase in suicides and accidents with licensed weapons involved.

    For some shooting folk getting out and about can be their only relief from the pressures of everyday life.

    I feel incredibly lucky that I do not suffer from a relevant problem, having known one or two that were not so lucky.

    The figures will take a few years to surface.

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    How does this make things any clearer for the GPs? As I understand, the sticking point was that GPs, when asked about the medical suitability of the applicant to hold a firearm license, wanted the work to be paid for. The release just says that GPs don't have to respond if they have no concerns. But, the work still has to be undertaken by the doctor AND he is responsible for it. Will be interesting to see what the medical representative group's press release says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkstalker View Post
    Will be interesting to see what the medical representative group's press release says.
    Pretty much what the previous one said (if they do issue another one that is!).

    BMA are on the ball with this, the HO, Police and BASC are the ones playing catch up.

    I still maintain that the system is flawed, was put into place with little or no reference to a cost/benefit analysis or the proportionality of the measures.

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    I cant for the life of me understand why you say BASC is playing catch up - on the contrary we are leading on this!

    And to say there was no analysis before hand is also wrong, there was loads of consultation and discussion - hence the BMA's positioning initially that there would be no need to charge. BASC and the HO have been consistent with following the decisions that were initially made, it seems the BMA want to keep changing the goalposts away from what they originally agreed!

    Anyway we have been over this before and its probably not worth opening up the old debate as the facts remain the same


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    Going slightly off topic here is there any progress on the expandable projectile issue yet?

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