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Thread: Heads Up Maral 30-06 and Blaser owners

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    Heads Up Maral 30-06 and Blaser owners

    I recently ordered a spare ten shot 30-06 magazine for my Maral through Greenfields of Salisbury, they got two in for me.
    I only needed one so any 30-06 Maral owners in the market for a spare ten shot magazine get in touch with them, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the price too.
    A similar thing happened with my Blaser spare magazine/trigger unit, they got the ATZL model for me but I now know it is not compatible with my new R8, so again if anybody is in the market for the ATZL adjustable unit get in touch with them.
    I am sure they will be glad to sell the items and I will feel less guilty about ordering the wrong items.

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    Eddie, the ATZL system will work with your R8 but you will need to send the stock and action off to get it sorted.

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    Paul, I have only just got the rifle so the last thing I want to do is send the stock off for adjustment, I just want to get on and use it ;-)
    I know it can be done but I did not really want the range/hunting trigger pull facility all I really wanted was the 'spare magazine' to enable me to re-load quickly if need be.

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    I know what your saying Eddie. I think the standard trigger is excellent.

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