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Thread: New boots needed

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    New boots needed

    Guys, I appreciate that this is a fairly frequently discussed topic amongst stalkers, but the reality is that there are new products coming along all the time and what might have been great last season has been superseded. Of course some gear may have been good then, good today and still will be for years.

    I'm gutted that both my pairs of Demon boots have finally given out. My boot guru informs me that he cannot repair the actual sock inside the boot. It's not viable. Externally they are still good, but water is literally pouring in. So I need a new pair.

    They have to be full leather. I've had enough battles with fabric boots to last me a lifetime. Old fashioned full shiny leather for me. I like rubber bumpers on them to reduce scuffs and they have to be high leg. Not thigh length, stop it. But mid calf at least. I'm headed to the Midland Game fair in a couple of weeks and if I can narrow the choice it might make life easier.

    I think the best way you might be able to guide me is in telling about boots that perhaps you'd avoid. Comfort and fit is a personal thing, but if there are makes that are plainly pants (boots that are pants??) then I'd appreciate knowing. It's not really about budget. It's about quality and longevity really.

    So, any horror stories? Or any obvious no-brainer market leaders.


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    crispi steg boots had mine 5years still look like new warm dry had a pair off mendel dover extream as well lasted 3years but burst at the back and tread pattern very slippery so reason I purchased the crispi steg boots no complants

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    Cheers Wraith, I saw a for sale ad on a pair of those in size 11 but it went back to 2014. I'll have a look for those. Warm and dry are pretty high up on my list of attributes. Or atriboots, should that be?

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    Sorry Max, is that a yes or a no for the meindl?

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    Definite yes - they are great, comfy straight out of the box, don't squeak, good height

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    Squeaky boots, ahh yes. I have had some of those. OK ta. Another one on the short list then. My Demons lasted well over 10 years with one resole. One pair had a mouse nest in them that ate the inner lining. Still kept me dry for years. Then one day .......

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    Meindl Dovre extreme, 10 years of regular hard use, I wear their work boots also and have had the same pair for six years. Simply the best in my humble opinion.

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    Meindls are great I have a pair but a recent post on here got me thinking so I have a pair of lundhags on order as we speak not cheap but nor are the meindls might be worth a look depending on your budget regards Benji

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    Altberg Defenders. Wouldn't use anything else now for shooting. Used with Ledergris, they stay waterproof, are very comfy. Full leather, rubber rand, good grip and very comfy. Tried Meindls but build quality wasn't up to Altberg standards on the pair of Vakuums I had but can't speak for older pairs which may have been better. Meindls were definitely too narrow a fit for me too. So impressed with the Defenders that I bought some Altberg Tethras for hiking. They're superb too.

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