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Thread: Viht N140 for CFE223 or Varget. Nr Brighton, East Sussex

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    Viht N140 for CFE223 or Varget. Nr Brighton, East Sussex

    I have an opened but full 1kg tub of Viht N140 powder. Supposed be really good stuff but I can't actually use it for any of my loads. Looking to swap in my area for some CFE 223 or varget. May also consider swapping for some small rifle primers and 50gr .224 bullets (expanding...vmax, ballistic tip) or even some packs of .222 rounds, so long as expanding.

    I'm near Brighton, East Sussex

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    I've 2000 murom sr primers surplus to requirements..... Could swap them and some cash your way....

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    Hi, that could work. Are you able to come my direction? Where are you based?

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    I'm in Burgess hill so like 8 miles away

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    Hay buddy did you get my PM?

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