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Thread: Morning All

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    Morning All

    Hi everybody, Just joined so i'll say hello!
    I'm a relative novice at Deer but have been using various rifles for fox's and rabbits for years, Got me open ticket 18 months ago for Deer,foxes,vermin and targets as i shoot at the local range now and then.
    Shot me first Deer (Fallow doe) last Nov and me second this May (Roe buck) in kent where i'm from.
    I shoot (for deer/foxes) a Tikka T3 Hunter in.243 with an ASE northstar mod and a Burris 3.5x10x 50 fullfield scope, off the bench on a ggod day (when im awake)it shoots 1/2 inch groups with Norma or RWS and 1inch with most other factory loads though it dont like Magtech rounds.
    Iv'e just built and put up me first highseat (for foxes/rabbits)what level of cammo (if any) do i need to apply to it?

    Tikka T3

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    welcome in mate.
    look forward to see the pics of your high seat.


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    Morning all

    Thanks Frank,
    I'll see what i can do,but for now, heres a pic of me first deer, taken at about 160yds using Norma 100g sp, through the engine room, it ran 20yds (the addrenalin was up?) and dropped dead, when it ran me heart sank even though the guy ( a very experianced stalker)i was with told me this might happen, apparently nobody drops every deer where it stands? those that say they do have selective memories or so i'm told?


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    Welcome along fella

    Would like to see a pic of your high seat.


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    nice deer, start of many ha ha.
    what running deer never....... drop where they stand ha ha every one. NOT JUST wishful thinking selective memory

    atb frank

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    Cheer lads, Managed to get the seat up and secured to a tree yesterday, the platform accomodates two and is at 5m, will be going up to trim a few brances off the oak tree its against at some point, i'll take a few pics when i do and post them, What about the camo question playmates? the seat is constructed out of box section steel, i'm told i dont have to worry as most animals will take no notice specially as it will remain where it is and not just appearing out of the blue?

    TIKKA T3

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    we put some camo netting on our free standing one just around the seating area just so you can move hands up and down with bins. it cant do any harm blimey 5 metres thats a fair climb all the best,wayne

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    cammo nets the least of your worries, what about oxygen masks 5mtrs..

    place netting on it is the best idea. don't cut away to much foliage around it if its a lean too thats if you find a tree bigger than it to lean on ha ha

    all the best frank.

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    Have air traffic control requested you have a red lamp affixed the top?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Not yet finnbear,but i am considering the addition of a helipad LoL, Ive built the ladder in sections, i can have it at 3m on a day when the clouds are low!
    Is there any advantage for 5m over 3m apart from shooting into the ground at a steeper angle and possibly having your scent kept away from ground level?

    Tikka t3

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