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Thread: Help finding Win 70 parts

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    Help finding Win 70 parts


    I am trying to source a follower and an internal magazine for a Win 70, its a wsm action but apparently will take the short action follower and internal magazine. does anyone have any pointers on where I could find these bits?

    Any help greatly appreciated


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    Not sure if they ship to the UK though or if one of these is the right part. Have you emaile or tried ringing Winchester directly?

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    They won't ship out of the US except CA I believe. I asked about Sako parts last year.

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    Give Dave Wylde at Valkyrie rifles a try.

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    Ok, the search will continue....

    Thanks for the help

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    Could one of our American friends on here order the parts you require and have shipped to them , and then they could post out to the uk classed as SH parts etc maybe ?

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    Have you tried contacting Winchester?
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