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Thread: Mountain Weather Forecast Funding Cut - please respond

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    Mountain Weather Forecast Funding Cut - please respond

    Many of us will use the Mountain Weather Information Service on a daily or weekly basis. It gives accurate and easily understood information about what is happening in the UK mountains and information is presented in an easily understood format. along with the associated Avalanche Forecasting service it will surely keep those who are in the mountains for whatever reason safe, and for those in the Mountain Rescue teams, will reduce the number of call outs. Below is their home page with Press Announcement. Also their video Forecast for the next week



    Saturday 10th September 2016, 13:15
    Mountain safety at risk as key Government funding is withdrawn from crucial mountain weather information service.
    The most-used mountain weather service in the UK, the Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS), is set to close after SportScotland, the Scottish Government sporting body, withdraws funding and walks away from a key mountain forecast collaboration project.

    The safety of climbers and walkers in the mountains will be put at risk if funding is not continued and the Mountain Weather Information Service will cease producing forecasts as of the 31st December 2016.

    Geoff Monk, lead forecaster at MWIS said:

    "The funding withdrawal by SportScotland, following their previous decision to collaborate with MWIS (together with the Met Office), was a real shock and jeopardises the safety of those who use the mountains every day. All we want is for MWIS to continue to provide a consistent, quality service so that mountain users can enjoy the mountains safely, fully aware of what the weather will throw at them.
    "MWIS has a stable, long-term future and the service will continue to be enhanced provided funding continues. We are asking SportScotland to come back to the negotiating table and commit to the continued funding of MWIS so its long-term future is secured."

    Press enquiries
    Geoff Monk, lead MWIS forecaster
    01644 450687


    • The Mountain Weather Information Service (led by Geoff Monk) is a non-profit making forecasting service that has been providing detailed mountain forecasts for the last 13 years.
    • MWIS is recognised as a unique, highly trusted source of quality mountain weather safety information: the forecasts receive several million hits a year, and MWIS was judged "overwhelmingly the forecast of choice" by 2,000 mountain users in a 2015 SportScotland survey.
    • Since 2007, SportScotland has funded MWIS to provide a service that aims to maximise mountain safety.
    • In 2015, MWIS, SportScotland and the Met Office began a 3-5 year collaborative project aimed at ensuring the long-term future of MWIS's quality mountain forecasts. In relation to this new project, on 7th March 2016 the Met Office wrote "Sportscotland, MWIS and the Met Office are now exploring ways of working more closely together so that we can really maximise the skills and strengths of our organisations to provide even better mountain weather services for Scotland. We are listening to the feedback and looking at how forecast services can be improved. For example we are looking at the content, format, frequency and language used as well as how digital technologies can be used to increase access to mountain weather information."
    • However, in July 2016, SportScotland informed MWIS that it would be removing funding as of 31st December 2016.
    • MWIS is asking those in the mountain community who use MWIS forecasts to declare their support for MWIS by writing to Shaun Roberts, Head of Glenmore Lodge (SportScotland) ( and Richard Orrell at the Met Office ( asking them to reinstate MWIS funding, and copying in


    The Mountain Weather Information Service is pleased to announce the inclusion of forecasts for the mountains of south Wales. This is a long delayed addition to our service. As with other regions of England and Wales, although the focus will be on the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains National Park, we will include all higher summits in the southern half of Wales.
    Our aim is to provide forecasts so as to aid mountain safety. Forecasts are very much written in the form of warnings; generally when there is little text, the conditions are fairly benign. Were possible we use wording that indicates the impact of the weather on the user, and particularly when there is the possibility of severe conditions, we try to include this eventuality in the forecast as a probability, even when the risk is low.
    Forecasts are produced manually using information from a range of forecast models and forecasters knowledge of mountain weather. New forecasts, for the next three days are produced by 4:30pm daily, normally earlier in the winter, and amended as necessary.
    Although only twice weekly, we are now providing videos, focussing on the conditions up to about a week ahead, for planning purposes.
    The production of the Scottish forecasts is fully funded by the Scottish Government through sportscotland.
    As always, please continue to give us feedback about what you think of our website, service and future development plans (See feedback below.)

    Sunday 11th September 07:00 BST
    Cairngorm (1245m) 3.0C SW 33 gusts 53mph
    Aonach Mor (1130m) 3.6C SW 38 gusts 47mph
    Cairnwell (933m) 4.8C SW 23mph
    Great Dun Fell (N. Pennines) (847m) 6.0C SW 24mph
    Bealach na ba (Wester Ross) (773m) 5.5C SW 38mph

    Planning video, updated Friday 9th September

    Advertise with MWIS
    We are looking for sponsors for the Southeastern Highlands, Southern Uplands and Snowdonia forecast pages.
    MWIS is part-funded by the Scottish Government, but the IT and website, as well as the English and Welsh forecasts, are paid for by advertising from the mountain-user community. We get thousands of hits every month from mountain users, and we currently have advertising opportunities for the Southeastern Highlands, Southern Uplands and Snowdonia forecast pages.
    To find out more about advertising with us, please get in touch with felicity [at]
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    I'm seldom in the mountains these days but used to be climbing and walking frequently and always found MWIS a brilliant resource.
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    A link to protest this direction?
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