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Thread: Meopro vs Meostar

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    Meopro vs Meostar

    Anyone done a direct comparison between the meopro range and the meostar range of scopes?
    How much better are the Meostar's? The Meopro seems to represent good value?

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    check the thread below left ,hale smuts 2015,i have a meopta 7x50 i think its brilliant,on a par with my s/b,

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    Had a meopro 6x18x50 and a meostar r2 both very good scopes ,for the money the meopro is a very good scope ,clarity wise the r2 is better,if i purchased one again i,d go for the meopro .

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    I own a Meopro 6-18 x 50 mildot and a Meostar R2 2.5-15 x 56 also. The R2 is phenomenal for stalking as you have the flexibility of zoom and amazing light gathering capabilities. I have the meopro for foxing on my .22-250 and it is impecible.

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    I've a meopro 6-18x50 on the 17rem and a Meostar R1R 3-12x56 on the 308. Both very good with the Meostar marginally better for light gathering. I've a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 on the 30-06 and the r1r is clearer at last light. I've an Artemis 3-12x50 on the 243 and 7x50 on the could say I like meopta scopes!
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    I Have a Meostar-R2 and I think the quality of glass is as good as the swaro z6i 2-12x50 that I had,
    The R2 is a 2-12x50 also,and very good value.

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