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    Hi people, not sure if this is the right place for this, mods please move it if not.

    My OC, Major Al Jarvis RE, has just completed a marathon, here in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He started a 0500 and has just finished at 1100, not only is it red hot here, but he did it wearing his Osprey body armour which weighs in at 33lb!

    I just did the last 6 miles, (without the Osprey) and I am HOT.

    Why am I telling you this?

    It's for charity, the Army Benevolent Fund to be precise and, if you like, you can donate money to this very good cause at;

    If you want more info try

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    Well done to both of you.

    On a personal note. I would like pass on my own appreciation for what you boys are doing out there.

    Keep up the good work.


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    Hi Owenontour,
    Fantastic effort by Major Jarvis and yourself. I've worn Osprey Body armour and know how heavy and uncomfortable it is!

    I can only echo Elma fud's comments:- 'On a personal note. I would like pass on my own appreciation for what you boys and girls are doing out there.'

    Keep up the good work. In my opinion, the best of the British people are out doing their duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Good bless and protect them.

    Thank you.

    Donation made.

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    Well Done,

    I was in Afghanistan a year ago it was hot and uncomfortable just in my 95 kit, never mind running a Marathon in Osprey...

    Good on Him and good on you all,

    Have a safe tour!!!!!


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    Admirable, Stay low move fast, click bang kill.


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    I think we should have an affiliation with at least one charity on this website. Maybe two, a Conservation charity and a Services based one.

    What does everyone think.

    I have long held the belief that a 'march and shoot' style event would make a good fund raiser. This is something that we used to do in HM Forces. It requires a group of people to complete a gruelling march across rough terrain and then carry out a target shoot. Any takers!

    This is the sort of thing I mean:-

    Yes I know we wouldn't want to have rifles and helmets, but we could organise a civilian version? Weighted roesack and shooting sticks, collect rifles and ammo at the range. An eight mile march of the Long Mynd by four man teams setting out at ten minute intervals. Marching to Minsterley Ranges to put the best grouping at 100metres at deer targets.

    I will organise it if you are interested.

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    I'd be interested.

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    well done to lads for all they are doing over seas.
    would also be interested in doing the mrB style challenge
    just the doctor once told me' you hav the heart and lungs of an athelete, just not the body'
    so now i just eat and drink like an athelete

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    Well done to yourself and the Major! An extra 33lbs in that heat can't have been any fun at all.

    Just to echo the sentiments of other contributors, thanks to all you guys for the sacrifices being made around the world by British soldiers.

    An officer serving in Afghanistan has also contacted me to see if we could help with another charity, Help for Heroes, so I'll be keeping everyone updated with that too.



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    Help for Heroes definitely has my vote.

    Regret I have no intention of running (it panics the chaps, y'know) - but quite happy to cycle alongside Beowulf and offer him 'encouragement' through a megaphone ......

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