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Thread: 6.5-06 dies

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    6.5-06 dies

    I am having a 6.5-06 built by Border Barrels, but have come across a problem.
    6.5-06 dies! there seems to be 2 different types.
    There is the 6.5-06 springfield, and the 6.5-06 A.Square,
    I intend to use the 25-06 cases and just neck them up to save getting the doughnut in the neck.
    Border are unsure at the moment just exactly what the reamer is, they are gpoing to measure it on Monday and let me know.
    Obviously once I have the reamer measurements then I can decide which cases I have to use.
    My question is this:
    Is the A.Square die for using 25-06 or is the springfield for using 30-06 cases or vice versa.
    I do not want to go down the road of neck turning and reaming.

    regards in advance


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    Sounds like one for Muir, Neil, ........ have you settled in yet?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Back in my hot rodding days I built several 6.5-06 rifles for long range shooting. The appeal was that Hornady listed loading data right in their manuals and the dies were a Group A (standard) item. This was pre internet stuff in the day when tracking down a set of custom dies meant letter writing and phone calls. Having a standard, off the shelf die set made the build smooth. Hornady dies are great. I simply ran 30-06 cases into the FL dies. No "donuts" appeared. I would caution against using 25-06 cases for the simple reason that to safely (there's that word again) fit a resized cartridge to a chamber going from smaller to larger diameters, it is practice to neck up to a size greater than the desired finished diameter, and then neck back down; stopping when the bolt closed on an empty case with faint resistance. This insures the placement of a temporary shoulder that will support the casing during it's initial fire-forming. To neck up 25-06 you'd have to go to 7mm and then back to 6.5, slowly. On the other hand, if necking down 30-06, you simply do it slowly until you achieve that bit of bolt resistance and you're done. Saves working the brass and a lot of time. Once the dies are set, you now have (+/- tiny adjustments) the exact setting for FL sizing from that point on.

    Slow burning powders and long barrels were the norm. I liked 4831 powders: either IMR or Hodgdons.

    I still have a l-o-n-g barreled 6.5-06 in my safe that I started in 1988 and lost interest while stocking. It has a Douglas Air Gaged barrel from a blank that I hand picked for the gun. I don't like the stock I made (thumbhole) and for that reason, put it up on the shelf. Maybe some day I'll dust it off and we can compare notes.~Muir

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    thanks for that, what about 270 cases?
    And I still haven't got to the bottom of which die is for which..


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    Here you go Griff:

    I asked Mick over in Alberta for you....he has a 6.5-06. He's warned not to size up 25-06 cases, but to size down 270s. It makes no difference which dies you choose, but he uses the RCBS dies and also the RCBS trimmer. He states that the A-Square was a marketing ploy by a company - nothing to do with a difference in the dies.

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    Sure. Two Seventy cases would work fine. The thirty-aught six is so common here that they are usually more available than .270. As long as you leave that secondary shoulder to set the headspacing of the round you'll be fine. Ditto what Scotsgun says about the dies. I like the Hornady but then that's me. If you get RCBS it will be a Group B or C set and cost you a premium.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    I am having a 6.5-06 built by Border Barrels,
    You lucky guy, the 6.5-06 is one cartridge that I like the idea of, a kind of 25-06 with good bullet choice, the A-Square will have the taper blown out of the standard 30-06 case, not sure if you really need any more case capacity but I guess Boarder will let you know which one they have.



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    Thanks for all the replies.
    good link!
    Now got the info I need.

    thought long and hard about this, my 264 was capable of about 3100-3200 with 140gn Scenar, but in reality i loaded it to 2950 which is in the realms of 6.5-06 with 20gns less powder.
    I couldn't carry on zapping crows and foxes with the 7mm RM and burning 77gns of powder and a 162gn A.Max everytime i squeezed the trigger.
    At least with the 6.5 I will be able to use the 95gn V.MAX


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    out of interest why did you discount 6.5 284?

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    Have you got 270 casses niel, as i have a pile of them you can have!.

    Dry Powder.


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