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Thread: Pulsar Recording

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    Pulsar Recording

    Anyone using recording equipment on their thermal?

    Anyone found away of getting it to record straight to an IPhone?

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    Have a look here:

    I believe that Clive Ward at the Night Vision Store has a neater version coming out some time in the future.

    Alternatively you could use the traditional Angel Eye type recorder

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    Of the NV and thermal kit available which have video outputs, none of them will record directly to an I Phone or Android devices.
    That's not the fault of the kit, it's simply that neither Apple or any of the Android device makers fit their equipment with an analog video input.
    Some people have tried Easy Cap with varying degrees of success
    You plug the easy cap video input into the scope (probably via some sort of adaptor cable) and the USB connector on the Easy cap into your I Phone or Android device (again via some sort of adaptor cable)
    It's definitely not a neat set up with cables everywhere
    It might or might not work depending on which version of Easy Cap you get and the software used to display and record video. Either way it will eat the s**t out of your phone battery
    A simpler (but more expensive)solution is to get a small video recorder like the Yukon MPR or a Lawmate and record directly from the scope onto the memory card in the MPR
    Which ever way you do it, the video is not going to look wondeful and certainly not HD.



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    Thanks for that guys.

    Loads of bad press about the Easy Cap USB, at 8.99 Hardley surprising.

    Looks like the choice is:-

    Recorder with screen type
    Yukon 145
    Angel Eye 80
    CVR 90
    Lawmate 150


    Blue tooth to phone type
    SCI View share 80

    The CVR looks Gucci with Weaver rail connection and easy to use buttons but I think I'm going to go for the SCI as I like the straight to phone option.

    I will report on how it goes


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