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Thread: TIKKA T3 .223 Magazine Worn Out after less 200 rounds

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    TIKKA T3 .223 Magazine Worn Out after less 200 rounds

    Tikka T3 Super Varmint .223 purchased 1 month ago, love the rifle, shooting sub moa out of box, but less than 200 rounds and the plastic magazine is worn out?
    Front of cartridge guide rail "lips" of magazine have worn so bullet nose now lifts up through the guide rail, consequently the head lowers and bolt fails to engage. Have informed my RFD where rifle was purchased of situation. At this rate of magazine usage, given the 2 year warranty, I'll be needing 20+ magazine replacements during this warranty period.

    Searching Forums, seems this is a common problem with these plastic magazines, the rounds keep miss-feeding when the bolt is closed. The plastic lips have been gradually worn away at the front with each round chambered?
    Either there is a plastic faulty batch, i.e. being too soft, or magazine is not engineered properly, so unfit for purpose? Either way I need reliability when targeting foxs around the game shoot, cannot afford to hear another "click". Why not make a metal top to this 2-part magazine? Have e-mailed GMK and Beretta with problem: unable to find Sako Finland email address.

    Upshot is I've had to purchase an aluminium 10-shot aftermarket magazine at 94.96 from RifleMags, hoping this will resolve my T3 magazine issues.
    PS. If you home-load there is a very limited COAL of 58mm with these supplied TIKKA plastic .223 magazines
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    I have been battling polymer magazines in my Ruger American. Does this happen with factory ammo as well?~Muir

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    Ive put nearly 500 rounds through my Tikka T3 Super Varmint .223, but no issues with feeding . Yet.

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    Update on developments.
    The 10-round aircraft aluminium magazine has arrived following day, I paid for Special Delivery, total cost magazine 94.96 plus 7.63 postage - total 102.59. MONEY WELL SPENT! Magazine is very well engineered, a precise fit into to the T3 rifle, and functions superbly. Loaded with 10 rounds it chambered every one brilliantly; it also has a 66mm COAL for those special home-loads. Only time will tell if it is long term reliable?

    To their credit, GMK have responded promptly, but claim my T3 magazine problem is not known to them??? Given that problem issues regarding the plastic T3 magazines are raised on many Shooting Forums, even in Australia, I found this response somewhat remarkable. And, if the supplied Tikka T3 plastic magazines were faultless, why then are there so many aftermarket T3 magazines on offer, resolving the problems of Quote:- "jamming, stove piping, or miss-feed when the bolt is closed". As far as I'm concerned there is a manufacturing defect, and I’ve had to forked out an additional, unexpected 102.59 to address my Tikka T3 magazine problem! GMK have indicated they will replace the magazine once they receive it via my RFD (could take weeks?) I could not afford this predicted downtime from the vermin control.
    Beretta have yet to reply to the same e-mail sent to GMK.

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    Hi Roy,

    I was interested to read of your problems with the plastic mag on your Tikka. I have used Tikka rifle for a good number of years and purchased a T3 Lite 270 when they first appeared some years back. Previous to this I had an old Tikka 595 with a metal mag, which is now in Finland.

    Up to now I have never had a problem with the plastic mag, and it has had a h=good number of rounds through it. However I will add that I would much prefer a metal mag for the rifle and wondered if they make one for the 270 T3 Lite?
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    Hello Marine PMI,
    Yes, you've found the Aussie link. That same T3 magazine is available from UK based RifleMags.

    Hello Sikamalc,
    I believe I've identified the problem of wear to the "lips."
    Viewing the magazine and the cartridge being moved forward, it is evident to me that the cause of the wear is the inside edge of the cartridge head. This being a crisp machined edge is actually shaving the front plastic rail lips as the cartridge inclines to enter the chamber. This inclined tilt allows the sharpish inside edge of the head to contact the rail. Brass is a medium soft metal, so where steel or aircraft grade aluminium is concerned then the brass takes the wear. I would also presume that a proper hard glass polymer plastic should also be more robust than brass, so I ask the question, "is there a production problem?"
    Handling the two magazines it is evident to me the aluminium one is better engineered and the superior of the two.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	T3 Faulty Mag 5.jpg 
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Name:	T3 faulty mag 4.jpg 
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Name:	T3 Faulty Mag 3.jpg 
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Name:	T3 Faulty Mag 2.JPG 
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ID:	74425

    Tikka T3 plastic Magazine.
    Have tried to show wear on the front of guide rail "lips, this wear allows the cartridge to "See-Saw" with the nose going up and the head going down. The head of the cartridge is now below the normal level, and the bolt now fails to engage, riding over the case.
    Hope this assists anyone with similar feed problems.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails T3 Faulty Mag 5.jpg  
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    have you tried tapping the back of magazine on something before inserting it in the rifle?
    pretty std issue with single stack .223 mags.

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    What I don't understand is why Sako, which has long had a polymer magazine with stainless steel lips for the A7, does not redesign the magazines for the Tikka T3? They tweaked the entire rest of the rifle in response to customer input.

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