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Thread: Cancelled stalking

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    Cancelled stalking

    I had organised a few months ago to go on a one weeks stalking in Scotland on the Isle of Mull on 01 October and three pals were joining me to make up the group.
    I have had to pull out due to work commitments in Mexico and the three left were to do it alone.
    Now I have just found out that the organiser of the three has not done his stuff and the other two are pulling out due to being pi**ed off with waiting as all were germans coming over by plane to Glasgow now too late to book flights etc.
    So it seems that there now is a late opening for a four stalkers maximum group in three weeks time if anyone wants to jump in and take over.
    Cost would be including using a self catering cottage on the stalking area 2100 pounds.
    The chap that I took it over from had been going there for 15 years and says it is very good stalking.
    Sorry ref the late info might even be in the wrong area of the site, but I am down with maybe volcanic ash caused flu symtoms here.

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    Whats for sale 3 or 4 places?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Whats for sale 3 or 4 places?
    Looks like the event in its entirety - 4 places inc cottage for £2100. Wish I could go!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    Looks like the event in its entirety - 4 places inc cottage for £2100. Wish I could go!!!
    Bleddy right,thats cheap!!

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    Still trying to contact the guide to get more clarity for whats on offer. 7 hours time difference makes it more difficult.

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