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Thread: DSC 1 Bardwell

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    DSC 1 Bardwell

    Is there anyone from the forum attending the DSC1 on the 15th-18th July at Bardwell in Suffolk?

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    Realise I am a few years behind. I have one booked for the end of the month with the BDS at Bardwell. Did you complete the dac1 at Bardwell. How did you find the course and do you have any advice or have any problems.

    Cheers Matt

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    Thought you'd booked a group one with BASC?
    May have been someone else thinking about it!
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    I decided to go for this course due to location and because of the BDS. Thank you for Mr Macintyre s details. I have been in touch recently via email reference defence deer management. Still a few hoops left to jump through but hopefully get their soon. On leave in wales currently looking at going to minsterley range Tuesday to practice shooting of sticks. Seems fairly straight forward the shooting test but practice makes perfect.

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