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Thread: Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you plan it.

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    Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you plan it.

    I thought this may be a familiar situation that a few of us on here experience - sometimes nothing works as planned.

    I set out yesterday evening with a friend to track down a roe buck that has been a regular visitor to the same areas for a few recent evenings. We spent around 3 hours patiently walking and scanning the land working our way around the woodland edge. Finally, near dark we gave up having only seen a single doe, with her young.

    Once we'd had a brew, our attention then turned to a wily old fox that had been irritating us for months. Extremely lamp shy, and suspicious of everything.

    We drove right out to the other end of the farm, due to a perculiar wind direction. We walked for another couple of hours whilst stopping to give the call a blast every 10 to 15 minutes. Again no success.

    Later, around 02:30 (ish) we went to get the vehicle - left where we started our night... not more than 150 yards away was a fox. Shy and nervous (the fox), my friend crouched almost instinctively and placed the fore-end of the rifle on the fence post. I dimmed the lamp to a minimum, the fox stopped, briefly, front on, sniffing the air. My friend squeezed one on its way. We heard the suppressed crack of the shot, the fleshy impact and the backstop thud. Good work.

    Could we find it in the long grass... what do you think?!

    We set off for home, a completely unsuccessful night.

    Not in the car for 2 minutes and a roe buck decided to flaunt absence in the field by stepping out into the road, bringing me to a sluggish 5 mph. Typical.

    On a plus note, the fox was recovered this morning with a 150gn entry and exit through the head. A cracking shot.

    Things happen when we least expect them to.

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    shame about the buck but at least you sorted your fox so a very good ending and maybe next time for the buck all the best,wayne

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    Well done on the fox though Dave, its funny how things work out.. Going out after a buck in the evening and coming home as the sun is rising with a charlie!

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    Good stuff dave we will have to get on them on the farm soon. I am free as of Wednesday.


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    I'm up for that George. I bet you can hardly wait to get the last of the exams out of the way... nearly there now! I'll send you a PM.

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