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Thread: Fallow Bucks

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    Fallow Bucks

    Morning all, I've been asked to cull a couple of fallow bucks that keep ripping up the farmers electric fence and letting the cows out. He's not massively fussed as to how quickly I get to it as the cows are coming off that part of the farm. They aren't rutting yet or they weren't when I was over there last week. I'm anxious that they'll be coming into rut in the not too distant future and they'll be at their heaviest now, but if I can't get to them until they're rutting does the testosterone taint the meat? I've never shot in the rut before but I know that they roll in their own piddle to make a fragrant cologne. As long as the meat tastes fine I don't care if they stink whilst they've still got their coats on.

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    I know I'm crying into my coffee over this dilemma �� Mrs Ben1987 will moan if they stink AND taste horrible!

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    I was up with GAP180 during the rut last year and shot a couple of fallow bucks with them - they do pen and ink once the rut gets going but if you hang the carcass for a week or two in the chiller (post gralloch, hocking and heading) the smell reduces quite markedly. The ones we shot that weekend smelt much stronger than the ones that had been in the chiller when we arrived.

    And that said the one I took home that weekend I only managed to hang for a day and it still tasted great.
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    To be honest they will be much better the earlier you can shoot them. The meat (in my opinion) is not nearly as nice in flavour once the Bucks get fired up for the rut.

    also as you have stated the animals do lose condition over the course of the rut!

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    Shouldn't make a great deal of difference to the meat. Real old bucks that are rutting tend to have a somewhat darker coloured meat to them. They do stink though, but then the smell does dissipate after they have been hung for a few days.

    Trouble is these bucks may move off soon to the stands, so unless there is a stand nearby they may not hang around much longer. The rut should be around mid October, but signs are leading to maybe it coming in a bit earlier this year?
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    nice. hope all goes well.
    If you leave them they may be push off your land while rutting.

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    That's it then, he's moving the cows by Friday so I might get a couple over the weekend. I was just worried that a bit like pigs get boar taint I was worried once they were rutting they'd get a bit horrible tasting.

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    Ben the best place for those big bucks is with the game dealer.. If you get chance whilst there still knocking about together bump both of them.
    But you`ll need to be pretty quick and decisive.
    If you want stuff for your own freezer you`d be better looking for younger smaller beasts. Not only for better quality meat but also for ease of handling whilst home chilling & butchering.
    A half decent pricket this time of year is going to come in at around 20kg, ideal to stock the freezer up.
    I done this one last Saturday evening with the same intentions in mind as you..
    All the larger Buck`s that I take always go to the game dealer.
    But if you do fancy dropping one of them for the freezer then go for it..

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    Those rutting fallow bucks do hum a bit. As said game dealers or Curry, plenty of curry. Remember stuffing a fallow buck i shot rut in the back of my trusty Reliant Super van. It smelt so strong it even made my dog cough.

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